Our Mission... Save Our Suhaki!

We at Save Our Suhaki believe that Suhaki traditions, honored by time, will prevail, and that the fighting spirit of Suhaki will not surrender. We are here to declare that the world needs Suhaki, and with your help, we will work to preserve the vitality of Suhaki for future generations.

What is Suhaki?

SUHAKI* (soo-ha-kee) (Polish) (saiga tatarica), medium-sized hoofed animal, family Bovidae (order Artiodactyla) that lives in herds in treeless steppe county. Once common from Poland to Western Mongolia, it was greatly reduced by hunting and habitat destruction and now exists in locations in south-west Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. It is considered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature to be critically endangered. (Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. 17 Sep. 2010)

* Editors Note: Suhaki (soo-ha-kee) is oftentimes mistaken for a legendary collegiate ice hockey team located at the Ralph Engelstad Arena, Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States of America.  

Why Should You Care?

Having overcome countless obstacles, SUHAKI has survived throughout the millennia. Be it seasons of drought or periods of historic and unparalleled success, we have been able to depend on SUHAKI to be a part of our lives. For that we can all be grateful. Recently, SUHAKI has been moved to the critically endangered list and is on the verge of extinction. Perhaps this has left many of you powerless, angry, frusterated or sad. Perhaps you are wondering what you can do to ensure that the SUHAKI spirit is preserved now and forever.  

How Can You Help?

We must let others know the perilous and vulnerable position that SUHAKI is facing. It may be in casual conversation with a friend, a game jersey, the shirt on your back, or the hat on your head. Long story short, if you love SUHAKI like we do, lace up your skates and get in the game. If you don't, who will?
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